#10 Dermalogica: Launching a product with influencer marketing

Show notes

Andreas is joined by Bogi Olschok, Social Media Manager at Dermalogica, to discuss how the beauty and skincare brand uses influencer marketing, specifically seeding campaigns, for product launches.

Their starting point was the question: How do you reproduce the experience of friend-to-friend skincare recommendations in the digital fashion and beauty space, and make it authentic and meaningful? Listen in to hear Dermalogica’s answer and find out all about seeding campaigns! Additionally, read Dermalogica's success story to find out how they achieved a 95% posting rate by scaling influencer marketing via Collabary: https://corporate.zalando.com/en/brand-hub/news-media/how-dermalogica-achieved-95-posting-rate-scaling-influencer-marketing

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